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When your cat or dog leaves the house, there’s always a chance they’ll get lost and won’t come back home. That’s why you probably have a tag on them. But did you know they can be permanently identified with a microchip? Microchipping is becoming more and more popular and can be done by our team at Hôpital vétérinaire des Trois-Lacs.

How does it work?

A microchip is a computer chip enclosed in a tiny capsule. The chip stores a unique ID number for your pet, which is associated with a registry that contains your contact information. Your vet inserts it under your pet’s skin, so it’s permanent and can’t be lost.

What are the benefits?

Microchipping is used to permanently identify your pet. It’s the most secure way to find them if they ever wander away, because unlike a tag or collar, the chip doesn’t fall off and can’t be lost.

Is microchipping painful or risky for your cat or dog?

This procedure is virtually painless for your pet. The capsule that contains the microchip is the size of a grain of rice. It’s completely safe because the capsule and chip are sterilized and made of inert material that isn’t harmful to tissue, so it’s not dangerous or toxic to your pet.


Exotic Animals

Just like your cat or dog, your exotic animal needs an annual examination to make sure it is in good health.

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