Services for Pocket Pets

Do you have a mouse, gerbil, hamster or even a rat as a pet? At Hôpital vétérinaire des Trois-Lacs, we also care for pocket pets. We provide the care they need to stay healthy and happy. We can also recommend the right environment and diet for them and explain how to take care of them.

Should I have my pocket pet vaccinated?

No; there are no vaccines for pocket pets.

Do I have to get my pocket pet spayed or neutered?

Even if your little pet rarely leaves their cage and doesn’t have any other companions to mate with, we still recommend having them sterilized, as it protects females from certain reproductive diseases. Feel free to talk to us about this.

Can you help me choose the right food for my pocket pet?

Of course. We can help you choose a diet that fits their needs and also recommend what fresh vegetables or seeds to give them.

What kind of care can my pocket pet receive at Hôpital vétérinaire des Trois-Lacs?

The care we offer pocket pets is essentially the same we provide to cats and dogs—blood work, medical imaging, emergency services, parasite prevention and treatment, and dermatology services and surgical procedures.


Exotic Animals

Just like your cat or dog, your exotic animal needs an annual examination to make sure it is in good health.

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